Got a Big Girl Camera? Let’s Make It Click!



Happy New Year, Friends! I don’t know about you, but I had a few days of post-Christmas blues. All that planning, all that magic-making…and then it’s just…OVER! I only wallowed for like, five minutes, though, because you know what? I received a lot of great Christmas gifts to keep me busy and I’m flush with the promise of an exciting New Year! How about you, Mama? Did you perhaps get a “good” camera for Christmas? Or do you have one sitting around from previous Christmases that you’re kind of afraid to mess with? It’s time to bust out that bad boy, Mamas! I’m ready to make 2020 your best photo year yet with my Let’s Make It Click : Beginning Camera Class!

Photographs are more important than we know…until it’s too late.

Here’s the thing…we are raising the most photographed generation of all time, thanks to smart phones. However, thanks to those same smart phones, we’re also raising the generation with the LEAST printed out photos of their childhoods. Gone are the big family albums that we used to pore through as kids, where our own childhood family memories are preserved. I’m telling you Mamas, we’ve got to bring those albums back! When we create beautiful photos of our kids’ childhoods, we create legacies for them. If you’re like me, you have loved ones that you’ve only been able to introduce your kids to through photographs. It’s heartbreaking, but it would be so much more heartbreaking if I didn’t have those photos to share with them. So I ask you: how will our children’s children get to know grandparents, aunts, and uncles who have gone before if we aren’t photographing our lives now?

This is precisely why I’ve created

Let’s Make It Click:  Beginners Camera Class

I want to give you the courage to take your camera off of the “auto” setting, and start learning what “manual” mode can do for you—and your every day family photos! In just a few simple steps, I’ll teach you how to give your photos that gorgeous blurry background that will make them really stand out. I’ll also show you how to capture each breathtaking detail on your little ones’ faces. In my class, you’ll learn how to get the most out of your “good camera” and the investment you made when you bought it. You will walk away confident in your new camera skills, yet without reading a 1,000-page manual. And what’s more? You will have all the tools you need to start preserving your family’s legacy right away.

Now, I know you might have some questions, like: “Hey Kellyn, I know you use a Nikon, but I have a Canon! Does your digital photography for moms class cover ALL camera models?” The answer is YES! I have my “main” but I know my way around quite a few DSLRs—and I can show you your way around yours, no matter the brand. As a bonus, I will also show you how to make the most of that smart phone when it’s the only thing you have handy. That’s right—I’ll reveal the secrets of my two favorite smart phone camera apps and show you how to take gorgeous photos with them. We are going to have an amazing class, so reserve your seat today!

Let’s make 2020 your family’s most photographed year yet—so you can revisit this wonderful year over and over in the future!

My Beginners Camera Class has limited space, and I want to save YOUR seat! Let’s get started preserving your family’s legacy! Get all the details about how you can Register for my beginners camera class right here, or by clicking the link below! I cannot wait to see you in class!




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