The larger you print, the more the details in the image matter and the more the quality of the print matters. Any print I order is sharpened individually based on the size and the print medium. A 4”x 6” glossy print requires a different preparation than a 30” x 40” canvas. While sharpening for print isn’t always necessary for small prints, it is essential for large prints, which is why I recommend ordering wall art through me so I can optimize the image for the desired outcome as well as print through a professional lab for the best results. I cannot guarantee the quality of prints larger than 8” x 10” that aren’t individually prepared for print.

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Your contract with Kellyn Wilson Photography explicitly prohibits any alterations to the image files outside of normal cropping. Editing any aspect of the image is not allowed. I cannot guarantee the quality or color of an print or product if the files are altered. Please refrain from adding filters to images when sharing to social media as well as the images are a representation of my work.


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