A Lifestyle Family Photo Session Puts Magic In an Ordinary Day

Your family. Is there anything more important to you in the entire world? If you’re a parent, you know precious family time goes by far too fast. A lifestyle family photo session can capture your family in those sweet child-rearing years you never want to forget! But, you know what else a lifestyle family photo session can be? A really wonderful, fun day with your family doing something you all love to do together. This type of photo session not only leaves you with beautiful portraits, but with wonderful memories of what you were doing together while getting them taken.

Let me explain!

A Lifestyle Family Photo Session Can Follow Your Favorite Family Activity

What does your family like to do together? Hike at a local park? Pick apples at an orchard or spend the day at the local baseball park? A lifestyle family photo session can follow you on location to your favorite family activities, whether it’s the local ice cream shop you visit weekly in the summer or your favorite picnic spot or fishing hole.

Maybe your family loves the city you live in, and wants to have portraits taken at several favorite locations downtown. A themed shoot like this provides some amazing images and memories!

If home is your favorite spot, a your photo session can document a fun day at home with your crew, too! Whether you want portraits in the back yard where you spend a lot of time playing together or around the table where you have your special family celebrations, a lifestyle family photo session at home can capture the magic of an ordinary day in the life of your family.

A Lifestyle Family Photo Session Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

Parents can often be super stressed out by wrangling kids to get them ready for a photo session, but lifestyle family photos are taken while you relax and do what you do as a family. These sessions can tell the story of an extraordinary family on an ordinary day – from home, to playing at your favorite park, going to get ice cream,  and back again – and can capture the images that remind you why being a part of your family is so very special.

Take some time to think of what activities your family most enjoys doing together or what activities you would love to have captured in precious portraits that will last a lifetime. Need some ideas?  Give me a call, and together we can plan your family’s photo session and the magically ordinary day that will go with it.




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