Halloween Photo Tips and Tricks

Halloween Photo Tips and Tricks | Kellyn Wilson Photography


Halloween is just around the corner. To help you prepare, use these tips to help you capture those special memories!


Get your portraits first

Just like I always do in my sessions, I tend to get the most important shots first.  This is what you need to do right when your kids leave the house. This way you can make sure that you have a photos of them all perfectly made up! If you want a better chance of capturing all the cuteness , dress them up early so you aren’t rushed!

Halloween Photo Tips and Tricks | Kellyn Wilson Photography


Don’t be afraid to boost your ISO

ISO controls the noise or grain to your photo. You don’t want to worry about this when taking your photos. The most important thing to focus on is nailing your exposure. So bump up that ISO to 1000 and take your pic!


Get low 

Get down to your little ones level and capture everything through their eyes. By doing this, you will change the perspective and your photo will tell a much better story!


Focus on the details

Does your Trick-r-Treater have special details to their costume? Make sure you take close up shots and fill the frame with detail telling a story about their costume. For example, in this photo the mom wanted to make sure she captured the details of her daughter dressed up like Dorthy for Halloween. Focusing in on her red shoes was what she wanted to tell a story about.

Interact with your Trick-r-Treater

Ask them how much candy is in their bag and take a photo of them all excited looking into their bag.

Capture them going door to door

Take a photo of them running up to the door and coming back to you excited to show you what they got.

Put your camera down

When you have all the photos you need to tell your story, put the camera down and enjoy the moment of being together.

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