How To Tell Your Pandemic Story

How To Tell Your Pandemic Story

Over the last couple of months, the Pandemic of 2020 has taken over our lives. What once was a sense of normalcy has disappeared and we have been forced into a new way of life that requires us to be still, silent and socially isolated from the world around us. 

We all handle stress differently. Some of us go into fight or flight mode and become super mom knocking out task after task while others might pull back and detach themselves from daily activities. I admit, I started out feeling good about how my days were going. Working from home was what I do, adding homeschooling to the menu was just another task to add to the many hats I wear on a daily basis. Then, by day ten, my “have it together” days turned into mom survival days. Making sure school assignments were done and kids were fed were my top two priorities. One constant I kept on my schedule was making sure I snapped one photo a day. I want to make sure this time in history is documented and shared through photos that tell my family’s story and what the 2020 Pandemic was like in my home. Now is the time to tell YOUR pandemic story! 

How to tell your story with photos

Before you start taking photos, I want you to plan how you want to tell your story. Take a few minutes and reflect on the past couple of weeks. Think back on how you felt when this pandemic started. Then, like a book, start putting your photos in order and see which photos you still have to capture. I’ve created a guide to help the process of telling your pandemic story with photos. The words on the list are meant to guide you through the process and help you develop your ideas. You can capture one photo idea from the guide, all of them or create your own story. 

Before you start

  1. Create a folder on your desk top by going to File > Folder and label it 2020 Pandemic Story. 
  2. Place photos you took inside the folder so you don’t loose anything. Tip:  If you took photos with your IPhone, you can “Airdrop” them to your desktop and place in your folder. Simply open your photo app > tap on the photo you want to transfer > hit the upload arrow on the left hand side > press the AirDrop button and find your desktop or laptop. Check your download folder and drag them into your 2020 Pandemic Story folder.
  3. Plan your story

Print your story

Once you have all your photos together you can create a book or collage.

Photo Book: There are a lot of companies out there that can take your photos and make into a hard cover book. I personally love Chat Books. Chat books is a family owned company that allows you to easily add, edit, and rearrange your favorite photos to create a beautiful photo book. I invite you to check them out and take $10 off your first book. Once you create your book and purchase they will send you a link where you can share your book online with friends and family.

Collage: Another way you can share your story is by making a collage. There are a ton of different collage templates online, as well as apps on your phone that you can download. A couple of my favorites are called LiveCollage, Layout and PicCollage. I also am giving away a FREE collage in my Facebook group.

Share your Story

I invite you to share your photos and story in my private facebook group The PIC Community! This is also where the contest is to win a FREE Collage, so head over and check it out. I hope that you’ll come along for the journey and share your memories of this time in history. Until then: stay safe friend!






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