Capturing the Joy with a Lifestyle Newborn Session

Capturing the Joy with a Lifestyle Newborn Session


How will you savor the days?

Some of the best wisdom shared with new moms comes in the form of a short saying that literally says it all, “The days are long, but the years are short.” That is why you need to Capture the Joy with a Lifestyle Newborn Session!

Lifestyle Newborn Session: Kellyn Wilson Photography

My dear friends, this is soo true of the newborn stage of parenting

When your new bundle arrives, you will find yourself bleary-eyed, more exhausted than you ever thought possible, yet so enamored and overjoyed at the very same time. It’s strange, this parenting thing. Before the state of total exhaustion sets in, I want to talk to you. Yes, you, the mama or dad-to-be. The one who is eagerly prepping, nesting, and wondering about your new little one. Have you thought about savoring that time?

Yes, you need to savor those exhausting hours and days. You want to, I mean it. I know you don’t want to be exhausted forever, as adorable as your newborn will be, but you can still treasure and preserve that time by scheduling a in-home lifestyle newborn photo session.

Lifestyle Newborn Session: Kellyn Wilson Photography

Why Lifestyle?

Lifestyle newborn sessions are all about telling a story, YOUR story! After all, you are telling a brand new story, one that will be filled with love, snuggles, late nights, sleepless nights, laughter, firsts, but most of all Joy! Here are more reasons why lifestyle sessions are a must have!

  1. They are relaxed: You don’t have to worry about being on a schedule. The session is done at your home where your most comfortable and are baby led. This means, we don’t have to worry about the time frame being so rigid.
  2. Your baby is comfortable. There is no making sure your baby is fed at a certain time, to make sure it is sleepy for those complicated poses. Lifestyle is about documenting real life so baby is comfortable and not bothered by the camera at all.
  3. Each session is truly unique to you and your family: With the session taking place in your home, it truly is a unique story all about you and your family, and you don’t have to worry about your photos looking like anyone else’s.

Lifestyle Newborn : Kellyn Wilson Photography

Newborn photographs are truly family heirlooms

I know that may sound al little dramatic, but it’s the truth. Being able to look back on those first few weeks of your new baby’s life with gorgeous photos that capture every little roll, tender curl, and half-smile is a wonderful gift for the whole family.

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