New beginnings are just around the corner

If you’ve clicked to learn more about my in-home newborn sessions, I’m going to guess that you’re expecting a baby! Congratulations! The ironic thing about expecting a baby is this… you truly have no idea what to expect. Every pregnancy and baby are different. Every labor, delivery, and first few days are a rush of varied emotions that pass all too quickly. There is one thing that’s constant in all of thing you can expect.


Baby smell. Baby toes. Baby lips. Baby sounds. Baby snuggles. It’s all so much. And, while your nights will be friend. I will tell you this. Time will now begin passing faster than you ever imagined leaving you with a blurry trail of memories that you wish you could re-visit. Once these first days with your precious babe are gone, you can’t get them back. So, what’s a new mom to do?


Here’s where I come in. My specialty is lifestyle portraiture. Lifestyle portraiture includes capturing the energy, emotion, and joy of life as it’s happening. In-home newborn sessions allow me to come to you and preserve the first moments of your new baby’s life, alongside you, in the comfort of your home.

There’s no rushing out the door; worrying that you’ll forget something; or trying to settle your baby in an unfamiliar public place. I will take my time, working with your needs and your baby’s needs, to capture the most raw and telling photos of your newborn. As a mama myself, I will provide the utmost care for you and your sweet newborn. I will take all of your needs into consideration to craft the perfect in-home newborn session for you.


I’m here to answer any questions you may have about in-home newborn sessions. If you’re ready to reserve a date in my books, that’s great, too. I’d love to help you work through details as you await the arrival of your precious bundle.