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Why You Need a Fresh 48 Newborn Photography Session

When you welcome a new baby into your family, you experience one of the most important moments of your life. Whether it’s your first child or your fifth, those precious first hours in the hospital with your newborn are truly magical. However, those sweet first moments are also the ones that slip by most quickly. They can easily be lost in the haze that comes with recovering from labor and sleepless hospital nights. But, never fear! I have the secret to holding on to all of those priceless moments forever: a Fresh 48 photography session.

What is a Fresh 48 photography session?

A Fresh 48 photography session is an intimate photo session within the first 24 to 48 hours after your baby’s birth, in a hospital or birthing center setting. This photo session captures those very sweet “firsts” that you never want to forget: dad’s first diaper change, those tiny, wrinkly wrists encased in a hospital bracelet, and that unforgettable first meeting with older siblings. The beauty¬† of a Fresh 48 session is unmatched. It’s a tender, lifestyle-type photoshoot that forever captures and commemorates those first life moments you can never get back. Let’s be honest, Mamas! These memories can quickly fade away once you return to the hustle-and-bustle of life at home. A Fresh 48 session will help you hold on to them forever.

Why your baby needs a Fresh 48 session

A Fresh 48 newborn session is beyond important for your memories. The resulting photos will make your heart go pitter pat all over again in the years after that sweet newborn smell has worn off. This intimate photo session ensures that you always have access to your baby’s very first precious newborn moments. One look will take you back to when all was new and wonderful and emotions were so strong you could almost touch them. Looking through these photos year after year brings back those newborn sighs, the soft feel of that brand new baby skin, and those impossibly tiny fingers and toes.

Hospital Newborn Sessions

The Fresh 48 Photography Session Experience

I’m a mother myself and I know first-hand how important those first newborn moments and memories are. That’s why I strive to make the Fresh 48 experience as effortless as possible for my clients. It’s important to me to capture those priceless moments and the strong, impactful emotions of that time with your babe, while keeping you comfortable throughout. When you book a Fresh 48 session with me, I’ll send you a prep guide so you know exactly what to expect during the session. Here’s a hint: no poses or props! It’s just an organic, documentary-style photoshoot that is so relaxed that those 45 minutes I’m shooting will fly right by.

Bottom line: my goal at every Fresh 48 session is to make it effortless for you as parents so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

I’d be honored to capture your newborn’s first moments as they happen, so I hope you’ll consider booking a Fresh 48 session with me. You can book now to receive 2018 pricing of $275, which includes:

  • 45-minute Fresh 48 session
  • 20 digital images with print release
  • Online photo proofing and sharing
  • Fresh 48 session prep guide

A Fresh 48 session offers a chance for you to relax and enjoy your sweet baby while I work to capture memories that you will cherish his or her whole life long!

Contact me today to get the documentation of your little one’s life story started! I can’t wait to hear from you!


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