Basically a blur. That’s right. The moment you’ve been waiting for with such great anticipation turns into 48 hours (or longer) of doctors, nurses, questions, pokes and prods, answers, challenges, surprises and….at the end it’s all a blur. The Fresh 48 may seem like the longest two days of your life but at the same time…. you will soon long to remember those precious hours after they’ve passed. We need to change that. For you and for your baby.


Kellyn Wilson Photography | Fresh 48

Don’t worry, I’m here to help.


While you may not want a birth photographer (totally understandable because – hello, personal space) you may consider investing in a Fresh 48 session. Kellyn Wilson Photography would be HONORED to help capture those first very special moments of newborn life for you. This in-hospital photo experience is so much more than a few posed hospital photos. Kellyn Wilson Photography’s Fresh 48 session provides the opportunity to capture the emotion and all of the small and special details that make your new baby unique and perfect.


St. Louis Metro East Hospital Newborn Photographer

I’m thrilled to help you remember the Fresh 48.


So, instead of the expected “blurry 48” we’re going to look at life with a brand new babe another way. I invite you to message me with questions about how a Fresh 48 session with Kellyn Wilson Photography could light up your life. As you view images from your session your heart will swell, once again, with all that is joyous and wonderful about meeting your baby prince or princess for the first time.

It’s so important to capture these memories and weave them into your legacy with high-quality photographic art.

Because, as I mentioned, once the Fresh 48 is gone, it’s gone for good.