Easy Tips For the Best Family Photo Outfits, EVER

There are many mantras about the importance of clothing choices for certain occasions. We’ve heard it all before: “Dress for success!” or “Look good feel good!” and even “Dress for the job/life you want.” I’ll be honest—from day to day, your wardrobe choices might not matter that much. But on family photo session day, they matter A TON. As in: your family photo outfits can make or break your entire session!

Sounds like a lot of pressure, right? Let me help you take the load of those family photo outfits decisions! Here are a few simple tips to help you make successful wardrobe choices that will result in the portraits of your dreams.

1. Keep your session location in mind

You are going to choose different outfits for a park session than you are for a beach or a downtown urban setting. A gauzy dress may work great for the beach, while something more chic would do better in an edgy city setting. Gonna be in a gorgeous field with tall grasses or flowers? You probably want your legs covered and want to leave the three-inch heels at home. Once you’ve got your location set, you can choose family photo outfits that are fashionable but also practical for the environment you will be in.

Family Session | Kellyn Wilson Photography LLC

2. Color coordinate family photo outfits

Mixing and matching is ALL GOOD if you choose just a couple patterns (say, no more than 2 for a family of five) and choose coordinating solids for the rest of the family. Just make sure that some cohesive colors scheme links everyone’s individual looks together. This will allow me to craft a more visually stunning harmony when I create your portraits.

family session | Kellyn Wilson Photography


Family Session | Kellyn Wilson Photography LLC


3. Get practical with fit and style

It’s important to get family photo outfits that fit everyone well and stay in place. No one wants to be tugging the top of their strapless dress or pulling their pants up during a photo session. Not only will this not look great in photos, it will distract from your ability to smile, relax, and be present for your photos. If it doesn’t fit, don’t make it work—take it back!

4. Get by with a little help from Style & Select

One of the benefits of scheduling a photo session with me is that I put my money where my mouth is when advocating for the importance of style. So, after booking is complete,  I set you up with free access to a fantastic service called Style & Select to help you find the perfect family photo outfits. I will send you an email that has a unique code to enter the Style & Select website. Simply answer the questions provided in the questionnaire and input the information about your family (how many people you are styling, sizes, color preferences). Then, a variety of clothing options, including accessories, will pop up for you! If you see something that you like simply click on the heart to save it (you can see just what your entire wardrobe will look like before purchasing) or you can add it right to your cart. When you are done, click on the cart and it will take you directly  to the appropriate retailer’s website to purchase your items. TA-DA!!  Style & Select offers a variety of retailers with tons of very reasonable price points, too, so there’s something for literally every budget!

Style and Select Personal Stylist

After you purchase your family photo outfits, you are DONE—and well on your way to some beautiful family portraits that will last you a lifetime!

It’s my desire and privilege to make this process as easy and memorable for you as possible, so contact me today to book your session. I can’t wait to see you and your beautiful family!



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