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Over the last four years, you've been pressing forward; doing some deep thinking; growing in confidence; blooming with drive and inspiration. All of this effort has made you who you are today. You are unique, authentic, and engaged in your own wonderful being. No one could be just like you now, and no one will ever be just like you in the future.

But there’s something funny about life.

Soon, you will have new dreams. New aspirations. New motivators. These things don’t make you any less “you,” but they’ll morph into a new you. Your high school years are some of the most significant in your lifetime. Most people frequently and fondly recall these years - the activities they were in; the music they listened to; the clothes they wore; the car they drove; and, the friends they spent time with. Let’s preserve this time, shall we?

Let’s capture all of this, authentically.

My senior lifestyle portrait sessions get down to the core of you you are. You won’t just sit down in a field, wait for me to snap the button and call it a day. Oh no, my friend. Your senior portrait session is just as unique as you are, and designed around you. During your lifestyle portrait session, I’ll take my time to capture authentic emotions and expressions. I want the world to see you how those who know you best see you.


 If you’re uneasy about photos...don’t worry.

The only expectation you should have about this session is to expect fabulous finished portraits. Your lifestyle photo session will be much like time with a friend. We will talk, we will move around and we will take breathers, we will laugh - I promise! It’s my priority to capture you organically and in a relaxed state.


Now, let’s plan.

My lifestyle senior sessions are on-location. We will select an environment that’s perfect for your session and matches up with your personality. I would love to answer any questions you have about lifestyle senior sessions. Please contact me for more information or to reserve your date!