Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer


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If you are wondering why you should hire a professional photographer when you can get your bestie to take them for you, I encourage you to think twice.

Now that all cell phones have professional grade cameras on them, taking a photo is right in your hands and you may not think it will be worth the price to hire a professional photographer. I mean, why should you hire someone when you can have a friend or a relative do it for you for free on her iPhone? Well, think about it this way, you are looking for an art piece to place above your fire place. You see a painting that you absolutely love. You can either purchase the piece of art that you love knowing it came from a professional artist who is educated and has taken her gift and love of art to paint a one of a kind piece or you can purchase a canvas and some paints and attempt too paint something similar. Which one would you choose?

Below are some reasons why a pro is a better choice


There is a reason why Professional photographers are called professionals. Believe it or not there is so much more to photography than pushing a button. Finding the best lighting, knowing my camera inside and out, capturing the perfect tone and moments, knowing where to place my client when the light changes min by min, these are all thing that most amateur photographers don’t have the expertise to find. When I am not shooting or editing, I am going to conferences, attending workshops and seminars, watching webinars, reading blog posts, traveling around the United States just to keep up on this ever-changing field called photography. A professional photographer offers an artistic approach, creative eye and experience that cannot be purchased at a camera store.


An expensive camera does not automatically result in photographic skills. Just because your friend, co-worker, or relative has a high-speed, top quality digital camera doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing behind the camera. I spend thousands – if not tens of thousands of dollars on good equipment. I am not just running to a big box store and buying the fanciest brand out there on a whim. All my equipment has been purchased after careful research. I also have backups incase my fancy camera breaks ~ but let’s not even say that word!

Editing that is Worth Every Penny

When you hire me as your photographer you are not just paying me to come out and take photos, you are paying me for my time to edit those photos. The programs that I edit your photos on are pricy and not a service you can do on your smart phone. I spend hours and hours editing your photos to make them perfect. Every single negative, down to the quality of the paper on which they are printed, is controlled for the best possible outcome. You will walk away with having quality images you can admire for decades to come.

Posing and Directing 

That’s right, I am not just your photographer, I am your director. Posing and directing you where to go, where to place your hands, when to look at the camera, when to not look at the camera. These are all perfected skills that are required to get the best results while making sure everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera. Ever tried to get friends and relatives, including kids, to stay still and pose for a big group shot? It’s easier said than done. It’s this expertise that only professionals have.

You get what you pay for

If you want a quality product you are going to have to spend money on said product. The same thing goes with hiring a professional photographer. It is best to do your research. Some things to look for when hiring a photographer

  1. Make sure your photographer has a website and portfolio to view past photos of clients
  2. Make sure they are a legal and a legit business.
  3. It is best to hire a photographer who has more than 5 years experience.


I look forward to working with you and capturing memories for you and your family! Let’s Chat! 

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